The IWBAS final dinner

International week: Farewell dinner at Restaurant Eetvartti on Thursday 29 November
The idea was to arrange a dinner for teachers of Tampere University of applied sciences and their international guests. Number of participators was 70. Dinner’s theme was to spread some Finnish Christmas spirit and give a good sample of high quality Finnish food ingredients. The project team and working staff were hospitality management student.

As a group (2nd year students of Degree Programme in Hotel and Restaurant Management) we first started to plan our theme and the atmosphere we wanted to create. It was important that we had enough space and supplies to organize dinner for 90 persons. The most important task of the dinner was to sufficiently inform the staff in order to be sure that everybody was on the same page.

Our menu was:
Amuse bouche:
White fish tartar and malt bread
Beetroot soup and goat cheese mousse
Main course:
Turkey breast, cranberry sauce, potato-mushroom press and vegetables
Chocolate cake, sea buckthorn parfait, sea buckthorn syrup, lingonberry-vanilla jelly and lingonberry sauce
The IWBAS final dinner also offered some entertainment. First the students welcomed the visiting professors and TAMK staff. After a brief slideshow the guests were ushered downstairs to have dinner. There were some more welcoming speeches and a band playing Christmas songs in both English and Finnish. In the end the guests were also invited to join in and sing some Christmas carols. Judging by the applause and ”We want more!” shouts the band was a huge success. 
After all our dinner succeeded beyond expectations. Because everything was precisely planned and our project team was very motivated from the beginning, it was easy to make the grade. Happy faces and empty plates of the guests were a proof of our good team work. 
Text: Emmi Vihersaari ja Lauri Ronkainen
Photos: Riitta Brännare


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